Together we can expose the realities of ASCVD

and secure a longer and better
quality of life for those affected.

Invisible Nation aims to bring together the cardiovascular community to expose the realities of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) – a silent, chronic disease – and the personal and social impact it has1. By creating awareness around this major driver of heart attacks, strokes, and death, Invisible Nation intends to ignite conversation, inspire action, and activate systemic change to make the burden of unmanaged ASCVD un-ignorable and expose the barriers for people living with it to reach better health outcomes.

More than

300 million of us

are living with ASCVD2


More than

15 million of us

die each year1


80% of premature
cardiovascular events

could be prevented5

In contrast to its significant prevalence, ASCVD remains a health challenge that continues to be hidden in plain sight.

An Invisible Nation is quietly growing.

ASCVD: Threatening and too often overlooked

Despite its undeniable impact, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) is generally unknown. ASCVD is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of cardiovascular diseases that are caused by buildup of fatty deposits (plaque) in the lining of arterial walls resulting in blocked arteries1. Many people do not experience significant symptoms until this plaque unexpectedly breaks off causing a heart attack, stroke or death. ASCVD is the prominent cause behind heart attacks and strokes, and accounts for 85% of cardiovascular-related deaths1.

There are many factors that may contribute to ASCVD including family history (genetics), smoking, obesity, physical activity, diet, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and diabetes1. Almost 40% of the adult population is at risk of ASCVD and are too often undiagnosed until a cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack or stroke, occurs3.

ASCVD Threatening and too often overlooked

Why now? Because we must make a difference

Despite its significant prevalence, ASCVD remains a health challenge that is hidden in plain sight. We need to elevate ASCVD as the critical global public health issue that it is, the Invisible Nation community is currently invisible, but not unidentifiable and is at risk.

What to Know

ASCVD deserves urgent attention at a global scaleASCVD deserves urgent attention at a global scale. Together, we can make the burden of this unseen disease seen. It is time for this global public health issue to be brought to the top of the health agenda.

What to Know

We aim to improve patient outcomes around the worldCreating a movement takes time, and time is not on our side as the burden of ASCVD keeps growing. By educating and equipping individuals and organizations with the tools to leverage and adapt our mission locally, we aim to improve patient outcomes around the world.

What to Know

Give a voice to the Invisible Nation communityBy mobilizing the global and local cardiovascular community, we will give a voice to the Invisible Nation community that makes changemakers take notice and activate systemic change to address the ASCVD burden.

Mobilizing for Change

We can activate change together through conversations, education and awareness.


We aim to provide a better understanding of ASCVD, a disease that affects us all deserves urgent attention on a global scale. By providing the information and evidence needed to have meaningful conversations with local authorities and healthcare systems, we can make the burden of this unseen disease, seen. Check out our Q&A for more information.


We aim to support people living with ASCVD and success is only possible through active participation by patient organizations and other stakeholders. Together, we can help build the Invisible Nation movement by leveraging our mission in your region. (Click here for the list of Patient organizations that are already part of the Global Heart Hub/or to join our community of advocates.)


Together, we can combat the worldwide impact of ASCVD and elevate it to the critical global health issue it is, so as to secure a better prognosis for people living with ASCVD. Local advocacy is vital to securing support for people living with ASCVD. Are you a patient advocate, patient or professional organization in the cardiovascular community? Click here for the Invisible Nation Guide to learn how you can make a significant difference in your area.


You can help the Invisible Nation to be more visible, by sharing this content with your connections.


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